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One thing we do better than anyone else is understand the complexities of the retirement plan arena. We weave our knowledge of what the laws say (and don't say) into a tapestry with the elements of estate planning and taxation that naturally interact and come into play at this time in one's life.

We are known for solving the most complicated and convoluted of retirement plan problems. We would like to be thought of as an alternative before the plan suffers near fatal complications.

In some ways, we must describe what we do by contrasting it to what we do not do. Although this is a slippery slope to transverse and avoid the appearance of engaging in negative selling, it may offer the most succinct explanation of what sets us apart.

  • We do not receive asset gathering fees from investment houses and as such, owe them no loyalty. Our only loyalty is to our clients. We do not serve two masters. All our compensation is above board and disclosed. Our compensation is not increased when a client's retirement portfolio increases in value.
  • All plan administrators are credentialed in the retirement planning field by recognized organizations. Never, ever does an unskilled clerk or foreign national have any sway over a CPD plan.
  • Our firm is CEFEX certified. This attests that we meet and maintain the highest level of fiduciary responsibility for each and every CPD client.
  • cefex
  • The National Institute of Pension Administrators (NIPA)
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