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We begin the retirement plan process with a clean slate. We have no preconceived notions nor boxes into which we will attempt to fit a client; our services are customized to a clients needs from the inception of the plan up to and beyond the day of retirement and all the years in between.

Your retirement plan is one of your major assets. It impacts many other aspects of your life. How that plan is structured is of the utmost importance if there is going to be proper integration with your personal and professional life. That integration does not happen when a clerk is checking boxes, thereby making decisions about your retirement and estate planning.

We start by asking questions most of our competitors don't even think about. We need to know not only your budget, but also your goals for your business and your life. Only after we have an understanding of the many variables that are unique to you, do we then draft a retirement plan for you and you alone. We don't own a cookie cutter. But, that's not enough. Throughout our relationship, we will continue to review and monitor your plan to be sure that it still meets your goals, however they may change.

The economy is rarely static and often volatile. Our current economic situation makes it imperative that your retirement plan be monitored on a regular and ongoing basis. We have been and continue to be leaders in the area of new ideas and fresh alternatives in the retirement plan arena.

Since its inception in 1974, Creative Plan Designs, Ltd. has seen a lot. We have seen clients do well, do OK and in some cases, fail. We have seen the market rise and fall and then do it all over again. We have seen the government legislate to a fault, and we have reacted with more and more emphasis on continuing education for every member of our staff.

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