Retirement Tax Reform. Free Online Webinar


What can you do right now to prepare for change and how will it affect your plan (and your profits) in the coming years?

Biden is no different to any President in offering up a slue of tax reforms, but it’s likely that the tax burden for his proposed reforms will land squarely on the shoulders of high earners and corporations. Politics aside, this mean employers will have to make significant changes to how they structure retirement plans and compensation packages. This won’t be an easy ask, and given that we’re still lost in the misery of the global pandemic, just how will employers manage?

Everything from plan administration, to costs, benefits packages are likely up for significant changes. Join Dr Ron Stair as he explores what is likely to hit in the short and long term and what employers need to be aware of.

Join Ron and the CPD team for virtual coffee, insights & networking at this expanded online event (using the Remo platform – a welcome break from Zoom) that allows for networking as well as viewing the presentation. And it’s free!

Listen to Ron discuss what’s coming your way and what should you be doing right now?

Learn about opportunities to put your plan in the best position to weather reform, make immediate tax savings & maximize your investment in your retirement.